Dr Cristian Parisi is a postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Bioengineering of Imperial College London (UK). He joined Imperial in January 2017. His research focuses on the role of mechanical forces in cartilage and bone development and joint morphogenesis. For his research he combines tissue engineering and developmental biomechanics methods using a mechanostimulation bioreactor system for tissue culture. Prior to joining Imperial College, Dr Parisi graduated with honours in Materials Engineering (BSc, MSc) at the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy), and he obtained his PhD in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering from King’s College London (UK). His PhD research project concerned the design and development of a novel composite scaffold for the regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue at the osteochondral interface. For more details, see Cristian’s Imperial webpage. Cristian’s email address is c.parisi AT imperial.ac.uk.